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100 Births!!!

Celebrating LaToshia Rouse's 100th Birth as a Doula

Life is about celebrating milestones and honoring the journey. Today we take a moment to honor and celebrate the remarkable achievements of LaToshia Rouse! As a dedicated and passionate birth doula, she has been a beacon of strength, guidance, and support for over 100 families over the years.

LaToshia Rouse has been committed to empowering and supporting women throughout their birthing journey. With a compassionate heart and an unwavering spirit, she has made it her mission to ensure every mother feels heard, respected, and valued during one of the most transformative moments of their lives. Her hands have comforted, her words have inspired, and her presence has been a pillar for 100 births and counting!

As she marks the beautiful milestone of her 100th birth, we are reminded of the profound impact doulas have on the birthing experience. LaToshia’s dedication to her craft and her genuine care for every family she supports makes her an invaluable gem in the birthing community.

Here's to LaToshia Rouse — for her love, her commitment, and her exceptional service. May she continue to touch many more lives and be a guiding light for countless more births!


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