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Birth Sisters Doula Newborn Testimonials

Client Testimonials

It gives me great joy to have helped women and families experience their pregnancy and labor in a positive way. I’m especially happy to share some of the positive feedback I’ve received from clients, many of whom I’ve remained in touch with.

Birth Sisters Doula North Carolina

Erin M.

"I want to highlight a business that has, quite literally, saved my sanity and enhanced my relationship during our birth and postpartum journey this year. Birth Sisters- Full Circle Doula was recommended to me by a close friend, and my first virtual meeting with Latoshia truly highlighted what an incredible resource and “sister” she would be in our lives. Her knowledge, resources and empowerment were so instrumental in helping me advocate, make quality decisions for myself and baby and overall just plain calmed my mind. Not only before and during the birth process- but even now- 7 weeks postpartum - I know that she is just a phone call away (and I’ve used that phone call a lot!) I always knew I would prioritize a doula for our birth journey but add a pandemic on top of the experience and I can honestly say I don’t know how I would have managed the isolation, anxiety and the joyous moments without her support. If you, or someone you know, is seeking quality, informed, gentle, empowering doula services for your upcoming birth experience - I highly recommend contacting Latoshia. I can’t wait for my daughter to grow old enough to truly meet and understand this blessing in our life."

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