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Self Care: Debunked

SELF CARE! I cringe at the sound of word as many of you do. I think we have over used the word and transformed it into a luxury activity that only some moms get to experience. You know the way we think... Self care is for the moms who have less kids, the moms with more disposable income, the moms with family support, or the moms with "help". Also, we think self care takes so much time or is attached some lofty price tag.

After months of COVID and the changes in our normal day to day, I am hearing a reoccuring theme. Something happens in motherhood where women feel like they are not supposed to matter as much. We are too busy caring for others and just don't have the time or energy for ourselves. As a mother of 4 kids and 3 of them born at the same time, I get it. Your partner, kids, work, and the house needs attention but, I also find that I run out of steam quickly without the breaks. So, how do we develop that muscle of self care?

Top 3 Answers? Here you go.

  1. Understand that you will not start with 1 hour and you may not have 30 minutes at first. You need to pick a small amount of time that you simply do something for yourself. The amount of time you pick must be something you can do consistently. I propose 5 minutes to start. Try to spend 5 minutes each day doing something you for yourself and make it nonnegotiable. Everyone in the house needs to know this is a MUST and you can not skip it because you need it. But, if you miss a day do not give up. Keep at it!

  2. Pick something that you enjoy. Pick napping if you have the opportunity. Pick painting your nails. Pick a nice bath. Pick taking a walk. Pick going for a run. Pick drinking more water. Pick getting some sun. It literally can be anything that is just something you want to do and you enjoy.

  3. Once you find that you are consistently able to keep the schedule and you desire more... ADD 5 more mins or simply a small amount of more time. This is how you get to the 30 minute time block one day. Your family will notice that you have more to give them and look forward to you having that time. My favorite thing is to go to bed before my kids and leave everyone with my husband for the night. At this point, they all are in on the plan. They help me to have my own little getaway at some point during the week.

I hope you are able to start tomorrow and keep this going as we head into fall and winter. It is going to help us deal with this pandemic. We've got this! Tell me about your self care experiences we need more ideas.

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